Ep. 41: Maíz

“Mazorcas de maíz, un alimento básico en la dieta de las tierras altas, se secan en el patio de un agricultor peruano. Cuando se muele, se hierve y se fermenta, el maíz produce chicha, una bebida potente”. De The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land El maíz se cultiva en todo el mundo. Pero no siempre […]

Ep. 41: Maíz

Age of Revolutions Webinar on Peru’s Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement

Age of Revolutions

Age of Revolutions happily co-hosted a webinar event  with the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program at Smith College on Miguel La Serna’s new book With Masses and Arms: Peru’s Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (UNC Press, 2020). The discussion was facilitated by our editor Javier Puente (Smith College) and Lucia Luna-Victoria (University of California, Davis).

You can watch the full webinar here.

About the Book:

Miguel La Serna’s gripping history of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) provides vital insight into both the history of modern Peru and the link between political violence and the culture of communications in Latin America. Smaller than the well-known Shining Path but just as remarkable, the MRTA emerged in the early 1980s at the beginning of a long and bloody civil war. Taking a close look at the daily experiences of women and men who fought on both sides of the conflict, this fast-paced…

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